Status of "RFE 4852783" (need for an equivalent to LVM2's pvmove)
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Russell McOrmond
2013-02-21 16:15:48 UTC
I have come up against a common problem (Most recently discussed in
thread titled "cannot replace X with Y: devices have different sector
alignment"), and have to do a " zfs send -R ... | zfs recv ..." to
migrate from old to new disks.

While searching I saw reference to a new feature being discussed
years ago under the title of "RFE 4852783 (need for an equivalent to
LVM2's pvmove)" which would have made the process much easier. I'm
using mirrored pairs of disks where I could have removed one disk from
an old mirror (made up of ashift=9 disks), added a new (ashift=12)
single-disk, done this "move/detach", and then added a second new
(ashift=12) disk to the new mirror.

I can't find any ticket in any current tracking system, so am
curious if there is any current discussion of this. Being able to
remove vdevs from a pool would make a number of management tasks
easier, and avoid the send/recv of entire pools to deal with an issue
with a single vdev.

Thank you.
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